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A trumpet for a perfect Christmas

vintage_christmas_angel_playing_trumpetCold but festive nights.
Nothing brings the souvenirs and emotions of  a traditional White Christmas night to mind but the clear sound of the trumpet.

Listen e.g. to Swedish trumpet virtuoso Ole Edvard Antonsen playing Händel’s Gloria in Excelsis Deo. This is a su0perb trumpeter with a beautiful tone and precision.


Händel, Variations on Gloria in Excelsis Deo for trumpet & concert bandThis Gloria theme and its variations is also very popular with concert bands, that have a good solo trumpeteer in their ranks. We notice it in the number of downloads from our trumpet sheet music library.

There is namely an excellent and very popoular arrangement for concert band of this great classical masterpiece, from the hand of Etienne De Winne that is downloaded ever so often a couple of months before the year-end, featuring on band concert programs before or around Christmas.

Find the sheet music now in the digital trumpetmusic library.

Looking for more Christmas music for your trumpet ?  Have a look in the trumpet library :
There are must-have themes like the tradtional Silent, Night, Holy Night (for trumpet & organ)
as well as modern compositions like  ‘When Christmas comes’  from Francis Laperteaux.

Silent Night, Holy Night for trumpet & organ       When Christmas comes for trumpet & organ, Francis Laperteaux … and more to be added soon.

Get ready for the next Happy Holidays !